Vardis Places Jeff White as SVP, Financial Platforms at Swell Energy



Vardis Partners is thrilled to announce our recent success in placing Jeff White at Swell Energy, a company that's reshaping the future of energy management and smart grid solutions. Swell Energy, committed to creating a more sustainable and efficient energy grid, stands at the vanguard of accelerating the adoption of distributed clean energy technologies. Their focus on enabling consumers to control their energy usage and costs, while participating in a dynamic, transactive grid, aligns perfectly with Jeff's innovative expertise.

Swell Energy, with its groundbreaking approach to energy management, is pioneering the development of virtual power plant programs and offering comprehensive financing solutions to homeowners and businesses. They collaborate closely with reputable local solar and solar+storage companies, ensuring seamless and high-quality energy installations. By integrating a substantial network of responsive clean energy resources within various utility service areas across the United States, Swell Energy plays a crucial role in delivering resilient virtual power plant networks and balancing services to utilities. This is a cornerstone in our journey toward a carbon-free, distributed renewable energy system.

Jeff White's extensive experience in tech innovation and strategic business leadership makes him an invaluable addition to Swell Energy's visionary team. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Devnaut, Jeff brought a transformative change in the field of AI-driven code visualization, significantly boosting developer efficiency. His role as Founder and CEO of Agility Payments, and his proven strategies in business growth and digital marketing, demonstrate his exceptional ability to identify and exploit market opportunities.

Jeff's tenure as a Non-Executive Director at Agility Payments and CEO at ClearSpend has been marked by his extraordinary leadership skills, adeptly steering company strategy, compliance, and stakeholder engagement. His expertise in managing intricate payment systems and executing major IT transformations, as evidenced during his time at ProfitSolv and TouchSuite, showcases his technical savvy and strategic foresight.

In joining Swell Energy, Jeff is set to contribute his innovative spirit and a proven track record to an already pioneering enterprise. His role in Swell Energy will undoubtedly be pivotal, as the company moves forward in transforming the energy sector with its consumer-focused and environmentally sustainable solutions. We at Vardis are proud to have played a part in this significant placement and are excited to see the transformative impact Jeff will have in his new role at Swell Energy.

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